Punzel’s First Quarter 2017 Avon Incentives

"I'm so happy I followed through with my goals"

First quarter = campaign 4 - campaign 7 2017. Punzel's First Quarter 2017 Avon Incentives   I have got not just 1, not 2, not even 3 or 4, but 5 NEW INCENTIVES for my team to aim for in our First Quarter of 2017! And they are open for Representatives and Sales Leaders new and established. Incentive 1 Top Representative with combined sales in c4 - c7. Highest sales wins! So, … [Read more...]

Punzel’s Avon Christmas Incentive 2016

Punzel's Christmas Avon incentive 2016

Hello everyone :-) Just a short and sweet blog post today all about a Christmas gift I have put together for the top Avon Distributor in Punzel's Party. As you all know, Christmas is literally just around the corner! I am absolutely BUZZING! (I am actually writing this whilst listening to Mariah Careys All I want for Christmas is You) I wanted to show my appreciation for your amazing work … [Read more...]

The power of Makeup

before and after

Good evening beautiful people. For a while I have been promising this blog to go live - well, tonight is the night! I have got some time to really dedicate myself to this! For the other beauty junkies like me out there, you have most probably already heard the term "The Power Of Makeup". And it all started with the absolute queen that is NikkieTutorials, who, pretty much, broke the internet … [Read more...]

How to bake makeup

featured image baking blog

What is baking? Baking is the act of liberally applying loose powder onto highlighted areas of your face to lock in concealer, brighten the area, and create a poreless looking makeup finish. It has been used in the drag community for many years to exaggerate contoured looks, I first discovered it on a show called Rupaul's Drag RaceĀ  (it's on Netflix - it's amazing!). It is used mainly on models, … [Read more...]

Avon earnings potential


So, first things first. You've most probably made that little desicion in your head at this point that you reckon Avon is worth giving a shot. And that's a really great start, I mean what is there to lose? It's free to try anyway! Anyway, awesome start. But now you want to know the nitty gritty... How much will I get paid with Avon? What is the Avon earnings potential? Being an Avon … [Read more...]

Avon’s Young Entrepreneur: Libby Reynolds

record player

Hello everyone! And happy Leap Day. I hope each and every one of you had a great week last week, and you're getting set up and ready for another fantastic week ahead - I know I am!! As I know a lot of you follow me on social media, you probably noticed that I had been in the press twice in the same week. Absolutely mental. If not, I did a quick recap video, here it is: (If for some … [Read more...]