More matte than Mac Avon lipsticks?!


Personally, I don't think I have ever been this excited about an Avon product before. Like, matte lipsticks are legit my thing and I couldn't express enough how happy I am to be announcing the Avon True Colour Perfectly matte lipsticks, coming in 15 different shades from nudes to deep cherries! It's no secret that I am (or should I say was) a high end make up addict. Do you remember that test I … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas PUNZELS STYLE!


Hello everybody! So with Christmas just around the corner, I thought it would be a perfect time for me to recap on my time with Avon so far and see where I have come. The ups, the downs, the gifts, the opportunities, and the people. I joined Avon in May 2015 (actually, 7 months today!) and it's honestly changed my life. I knew I was going to be an Avon Leader from at least aged 16, when my … [Read more...]

DSA Stars of Direct Selling awards 2015!

Nice quote to leave the blog on. X

Good evening every one, long time no speak. One has been extremely busy this time of year, and as much as I would love to sit with a coffee and write a blog, sometimes it can be hard to find the time. But hoorah - I have found some time, and of course coffee!!! DSA awards 2015 nomination For those who are unsure what it is I am talking about, Direct selling has been a popular method of retailing … [Read more...]

Avon Elite dinner and Leadership Live 2015

Avon Elite Dinner and Leadership Live 2015

Hello, and welcome all new viewers of my blog! What a fantastic start to a new career. I have been with Avon just under 6 campaigns, and I have already had the pleasure of attending such amazing events. I met some amazing, inspirational men and women whilst away in Cheltenham for 2 days last week, and over the 6 campaign period I have been working alongside this company. Avon Elite dinner … [Read more...]

The Avon Diary continues!…

Avon coffee

Wait what's that? Is that the sound of Elizabeth Reynolds, international global universal super star, typing away her Sunday weekly blog? Well yes and no, yes I am typing but I am not quite an international global universal super star just yet. So welcome back everyone reading this!!!! :-) What have I been up to? I have had a super spectacular week, meeting new people and travelling, and … [Read more...]

Avon goal setting… And achieving!

Avon Goal Setting, and achieving! Done Punzel's style.

Hello again lovely people I hope all is well, I thought I would update you all via blog post of my latest achievement, and how I made it possible. To put it short and sweet - AVON made it possible! Watch my latest video to find out my achievement and what I have been up to (basically this blog post): There you have it! :-) I aim high for the simple reason that I believe what you … [Read more...]