Merry Christmas PUNZELS STYLE!


Hello everybody! So with Christmas just around the corner, I thought it would be a perfect time for me to recap on my time with Avon so far and see where I have come. The ups, the downs, the gifts, the opportunities, and the people. I joined Avon in May 2015 (actually, 7 months today!) and it's honestly changed my life. I knew I was going to be an Avon Leader from at least aged 16, when my … [Read more...]

Avon goal setting… And achieving!

Avon Goal Setting, and achieving! Done Punzel's style.

Hello again lovely people I hope all is well, I thought I would update you all via blog post of my latest achievement, and how I made it possible. To put it short and sweet - AVON made it possible! Watch my latest video to find out my achievement and what I have been up to (basically this blog post): There you have it! :-) I aim high for the simple reason that I believe what you … [Read more...]

6 weeks down the line with Avon

6 weeks down the line with Avon! Quote of the day

Ah hello every one. I am so sorry I never got round to publishing this blog on the usual Sunday, I would hate to have disappointed anybody! This weeks blog is not full of work, unfortunately (well Avon work). I moved house on Thursday 25th June, meaning it would be very hard for me to go out finding and recruiting new team members when I have barely got a pen and a piece of paper to … [Read more...]

My fifth week with Avon

first statement day

Hi again everyone! And welcome to my new blog post. This is my fifth week with Avon. I actually realised there are quite  a few people reading my blogs and sharing - so I would really like to say thank you for following and I would like to invite you to ask me any questions if you have any, and feel free to add me as a friend on Facebook, or give me a follow on Instagram, or any other social … [Read more...]

My fourth week with Avon

"Make goals, organise your week, and stay focused!" Punzel's Avon

Hello :-) So another week has managed to fly by and as usual, I thought I would keep you posted on what I got up to! It is less than 2 weeks until I move house and it's less than 3 weeks until I go on holiday, so as you could imagine, there is a lot going on at the moment - not to mention starting up my own business. I can not wait until my family and I get settled in our new forever home … [Read more...]

My first week with Avon

Avon iPhone 6 gold

Hi everybody! So, I haven't been too involved in social media this week, so you might be wondering how my week has gone seeing as of the 16th May I have become a self employed Avon Leader. Well - this blog is the answer! What have I been up to?   Okay so I have been juggling more than just work this week. I have been sorting out insurances, taxes, oh and mobile phones seeing as I … [Read more...]