Avon’s Young Entrepreneur: Libby Reynolds

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Hello everyone! And happy Leap Day. I hope each and every one of you had a great week last week, and you're getting set up and ready for another fantastic week ahead - I know I am!! As I know a lot of you follow me on social media, you probably noticed that I had been in the press twice in the same week. Absolutely mental. If not, I did a quick recap video, here it is: (If for some … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas PUNZELS STYLE!


Hello everybody! So with Christmas just around the corner, I thought it would be a perfect time for me to recap on my time with Avon so far and see where I have come. The ups, the downs, the gifts, the opportunities, and the people. I joined Avon in May 2015 (actually, 7 months today!) and it's honestly changed my life. I knew I was going to be an Avon Leader from at least aged 16, when my … [Read more...]

The Avon Diary continues!…

Avon coffee

Wait what's that? Is that the sound of Elizabeth Reynolds, international global universal super star, typing away her Sunday weekly blog? Well yes and no, yes I am typing but I am not quite an international global universal super star just yet. So welcome back everyone reading this!!!! :-) What have I been up to? I have had a super spectacular week, meeting new people and travelling, and … [Read more...]

Punzel’s Avon is back to business!

Final words of encouragement - Punzel's Avon x

Hello ladies and gentlemen! How do you do? I think I am on week 9 or 10, I seem to have lost count, especially after my manic past few weeks. So, I can't wait to tell you all about my manic few weeks anyway! Beware - it includes trips to Spain, Greece and Albania and decorating our new family home to say the very least. June 26th 2015 Hoorah, the day had finally come where my parents Gail … [Read more...]

6 weeks down the line with Avon

6 weeks down the line with Avon! Quote of the day

Ah hello every one. I am so sorry I never got round to publishing this blog on the usual Sunday, I would hate to have disappointed anybody! This weeks blog is not full of work, unfortunately (well Avon work). I moved house on Thursday 25th June, meaning it would be very hard for me to go out finding and recruiting new team members when I have barely got a pen and a piece of paper to … [Read more...]

My fifth week with Avon

first statement day

Hi again everyone! And welcome to my new blog post. This is my fifth week with Avon. I actually realised there are quite  a few people reading my blogs and sharing - so I would really like to say thank you for following and I would like to invite you to ask me any questions if you have any, and feel free to add me as a friend on Facebook, or give me a follow on Instagram, or any other social … [Read more...]