Avon Leadership Champions Club

Avon Leadership Champions Club

Hello lovely, LOVELY people. Really you are all lovely people lol. How are you? I'm hoping you said you're good, because so am I. Actually, I am pretty damn great! (Always been a glass half full kinda girl) Why? Why not I say!┬áBusiness is flourishing, Representatives are loving their self employed status, their flexibility and fabulous earnings. Customers are loving our ever growing … [Read more...]

Avon earnings potential


So, first things first. You've most probably made that little desicion in your head at this point that you reckon Avon is worth giving a shot. And that's a really great start, I mean what is there to lose? It's free to try anyway! Anyway, awesome start. But now you want to know the nitty gritty... How much will I get paid with Avon? What is the Avon earnings potential? Being an Avon … [Read more...]

Avon goal setting… And achieving!

Avon Goal Setting, and achieving! Done Punzel's style.

Hello again lovely people I hope all is well, I thought I would update you all via blog post of my latest achievement, and how I made it possible. To put it short and sweet - AVON made it possible! Watch my latest video to find out my achievement and what I have been up to (basically this blog post): There you have it! :-) I aim high for the simple reason that I believe what you … [Read more...]