New Year, Who Dis?

Ohhhhh my Goddddddd

I don’t even know where to start with this post but I am very excited to say the least!

I should start off by saying Happy New Year to you and I hope you had an absolutely smashing Christmas and NYE. I had a lovely time relaxing and enjoying being surrounded by family, friends and food!

2016 was a year of “realizing things” for not only Kylie Jenner but me, too. It really was a great learning curve and it truly made me realise how much I crave independence in all aspects of life – at 17 having a car was the pinnacle of independence for me, then came being 18 when I finally joined Avon as an independent sales leader and it was amazing!!! After the new year, I crashed a little bit and decided to try new things. I love meeting new people and doing something new all the time, so I became an estate agent, didnt work – tried a beauty call center, didn’t work, and i very quickly realised it wasn’t the fact i just didn’t like those jobs, it was because i so missed my independence. I missed being ME! I missed doing things at my pace whether it was super fast one day or starting midday the next, I could choose and it made me so happy. That was such a big lesson for me and I am so glad I learnt it last year. Now there is literally no stopping me.


 What’s to come in 2017 for Punzels Avon


Well, 2014 was a car. 2015 was self employment. 2016 was learning & growing… 2017? I’m gonna grow even more!

I don’t just mean personally. I have so many plans for Punzels Avon this year.

I will  move out of my mom and dads house in December 2017 to my own home.

I will reach Senior Leader by campaign 18 2017.


What are your plans for 2017?



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