Merry Christmas PUNZELS STYLE!

Hello everybody!

So with Christmas just around the corner, I thought it would be a perfect time for me to recap on my time with Avon so far and see where I have come. The ups, the downs, the gifts, the opportunities, and the people.

I joined Avon in May 2015 (actually, 7 months today!) and it’s honestly changed my life. I knew I was going to be an Avon Leader from at least aged 16, when my parents employed me to help them out with their odd Avon bits and bobs.  I just never imagined what it would be like for myself.

Avon – Punzels  style

 May 2015

The month I joined. I recapped back to my first campaign (campaign 10 2015), and discovered I got a brand new iPhone 6 gold, and had grew my team to 30 people! I really learnt that you have to be very optimistic and self motivated if you want these kind of results as to get 30 people signed up, you do have to take a number of “no thank you’s” and “thank you for the opportunity but I don’t want to do Avon anymore”.

June 2015

I tried new things, like product hauls, and continued to grow my team. That was until about June 19th! We made a massive family choice to move from Bromsgrove all the way back home to Weymouth (Dorset). My parents had saved enough money to buy their dream home with thanks to their Avon career, and ever since we moved in on the 26th June we have been decorating and planning what we can do next to create the perfect forever home.


Reynolds household! 2015

Reynolds household! 2015

I got my first active Sales Leader in June too, which meant I had to learn new things and get more training… On how to train others. So June was a busy month indeed!

July 2015

July 5th – 8th was my first holiday of the year and I went to Malaga with my mom and cousin. It was honestly such a good experience! Beautiful country and I would happily go back for longer than 4 days :-)

I then came back home for 4 days. That was until the 12th July, when we went on holiday again however this time with the whole family to Corfu for 2 weeks!!! It was a well needed and deserved break for all 5 of us, after all our hard work around the house, stripping old wallpaper and scrubbing dirty windows. On the 27th of the month, I was back home and had a new statement to check. I achieved Senior Coordinator during LOA 2!

July’s events aren’t even over yet.. I purchased my Live Leadership tickets which is an event designed to help, train and motivate Leaders throughout the country within 4 different regions, and I had a total of 4 Sales Leaders as opposed to just the 1 in June.

I wrote the most awesome blog I think I have ever written too, so rather than blabbering on about it why not take a peak? (It’s all about achieving and setting goals for your Avon business!) I spoke about how I achieved one of my goals of saving £1,000. All thanks to Avon.

August 2015

I did another fantastic blog that achieved over 200 shares on the internet. (Am I nearly Kim K yet? Have I broke the internet yet???) I think I kind of had an off month too. Sad to say it but I honestly was drowning in house work. I really enjoyed building myself back up to a high enough stage again to be earning plenty again and staying motivated all the time.

Although saying that… I must have been doing well enough during this “off month”, because I was awarded with an exclusive invitation to join the other top Leaders in my region for a wonderful meal, all expenses paid (from my hotel room, to travel, food and drink!). I was so not expecting the invitation but I was so happy to go – it gave me an opportunity to get all glammed up and celebrate everyone’s success!

Elite Dinner invite 2015

Elite Dinner invite 2015

September 2015

I am back at Avon full time at this point, recruiting 10 people a week. It was also the month of Leadership Live and the Elite dinner – so it was a very fun and productive month looking back at it!

I did do an in depth blog on it here, but just to recap I achieved 2 different awards. 1 was the fastest Sales Leader to Senior Coordinator in my region (pretty impressive stuff really!!) and I tagged the most Sales Leaders to my team in my region too. 2 awards I will happily take :-)

The training was absolutely fantastic, we learnt all about the new online Avon store and heard some very motivational stories from the likes of KirstyTV and high achievers within Avon.

I felt honoured to stand on the stage and share my “tips” on how to move up the ranks quicker, and I also spoke about how my end of year goal was a new bag… (find out more about this outcome very soon!!!)

October 2015

This month I have no records of any blogs I have wrote and that’s purely because I was working very hard, finding new and effective ways to recruit new people and getting to grips with my new area by testing out different routes, what areas work best for me, and how to plan from the post code map! Like I said back in May, the goal is to recruit 10 people every week.

November 2015

In the month of November, I was invited to the DSA awards! This was a completely incredible experience and one I don’t think many will get the opportunity to do. I was overwhelmed with my invitation, all because I had been shortlisted for an award titled “Direct Selling Rising Star of the Year”! Although I did not necessarily win, I was a finalist from 400,000 direct sellers in the UK and that is something I am extremely proud of. As well as attending this prestigious event,  I was rewarded for all of my hard work with a 3 course (delicious) meal, travel expenses paid, and then of course great company as Andrea Slater (the General Manager of Avon in Western Europe.. Eek!) and Karla Kubikova, our new Sales Director in the UK, mom came along as my +1, and lots of other important people within the company, as well as other finalists who I was really excited to meet.

I also got myself into a local newspaper for being a “young Dorset Entrepreneur” – a title I am more than happy with! (maybe I can still use the title in 60 years in full effect to recruit more Avon ladies?) See the article here!

DSAs 2015

 At the same time, I am signing up 10 people a week, training Leaders and retaining my wonderful team. At the moment I feel as if I am really glamorising my career, I mean although the rewards are like no other, you do have to put in a lot of work and effort to get them. Luckily I love doing that and never say no to a challenge. :-)

December 2015

Seeing as we’re currently in December, I can only go up to this day! But my God, December has been CRAZY!!!! Crazy good, I have heard all the amazing stories and most importantly seen the results personally for 13 years with my parents, but this year I got to experience them for myself.

Nothing could have prepared me for the results I have achieved in the past 7 months, and December has just topped it all off for me.

In campaign 18, my group sales was £12,307.14. That means my team and I sold a total of £12.3k in literally just 3 weeks, how insane is that?! That was a total increase of £5,000 from 3 weeks prior in campaign 17.

As I am new, I was entitled to group sales bonuses, which meant every £1,000 my group sales grew, I would get a nice little bonus. The higher the total group sales figure, the higher the bonus is. I achieved 5 bonuses in campaign 18 from Group Sales, and I achieved my LOA 1 and 2 bonuses too – as well as record breaking commission!!!

So, with that nice little earner, I got myself my new bag, new purse and my agenda that I set as goals for the end of the year. Don’t worry, I will be revealing all very, very soon…

On that note -

Merry Christmas – PUNZELS STYLE!

Merry Christmas - Punzels Style! 2015

Merry Christmas – Punzels Style! 2015

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