More matte than Mac Avon lipsticks?!

Personally, I don’t think I have ever been this excited about an Avon product before. Like, matte lipsticks are legit my thing and I couldn’t express enough how happy I am to be announcing the Avon True Colour Perfectly matte lipsticks, coming in 15 different shades from nudes to deep cherries!

It’s no secret that I am (or should I say was) a high end make up addict. Do you remember that test I done? With Avon make up vs high end make up? I quickly learnt that the finish of Avon’s products were practically the same as high end, the only difference was the price and oh my was it a big difference!

 Let’s get down to business

Right. So, here are the facts about our new lipsticks:

  • 100% matte look, for a sculpted, defined lip
  • No drying
  • No cracking
  • Guaranteed comfort!
  • We tested our matte lipstick in a lab against premium brand MAC’s The Matte lipstick and it showed that ours is more matte
  • 15 different velvety shades

Get to know the shades

The 15 different shades of the more matte than Mac Avon lipsticks!

The 15 different shades of the more matte than Mac Avon lipsticks!

As you can see, all shades are very deep and matte looking. From berry wine to coral fever, and perfectly nude to electric pink – there is clearly a shade for everyone.

The thing is – I am normally all about the nude lipsticks, but something about this range really made me want to step outside my comfort zone! I am not sure if it’s the amazing price, velvety feel or the superb packaging but something just does it for me with this one.

Little note: Before I joined Avon, I admit I could never see past the thought of buying any lipstick other than a Mac matte lippy. Honestly, my pockets aren’t that deep but I would always find a way to stretch the purse and get that oh so idolised shade of “velvet teddy”!

Velvet Teddy MAC (purchased 40w ago on my instagram post: elizabethreynolds)

Velvet Teddy MAC (purchased 40w ago on my instagram post: elizabethreynolds) – also known as Kylie Jenner’s favourite lipstick combo! Can Avon outdo this game changing shade?

My first impressions

As an Avon lady, I had the chance to see all 15 shades before the customers, and honestly it was like Christmas Day all over again! As I opened my parcels, I was greeted to 15 mini lipsticks all neatly packaged ready for me to test for myself. I did a swatch of all the shades on my (newly fake tanned) arm, and the colours were. Beautiful. So pigmented, the colour was sharp from the first application, it was clearly love at first swipe! But it’s no good me just talking about it, so I snapped a quick sneak preview video for my wonderful customers:

Impressive colours, right?

First wear of the supposedly more matte than Mac Avon lipstick

The first colour I tried for all day wear was Au Naturale, a nude lip, a lot like one of my favourite Mac matte lipstick – “kinda sexy”.

Au Naturale True Colour perfectly matte Avon lipstick

Au Naturale True Colour perfectly matte Avon lipstick

As you can see from the top left image, I am very pleased with the colour! I started off with Avon’s Anew Lip plumping lip conditioner to give my lips that fuller look as well as leaving them hydrated and smooth, then I applied a glimmerstick lip liner in shade simply spice – now how I apply lip liner is by drawing slightly outside of my lips and filling in with an ombre type effect, this way it looks like the natural shape of my lips and adds depth and shape to them without looking like I have lip liner on (which is the aim of having overdrawn lips!). I then applied the oh so special shade Au Naturale, and voila. Welcome to the collection of my top rated Avon products, Perfectly Matte lipstick.

 ”But doesn’t matte finish leave your lips feeling dry?”

With matte lipsticks, a lot of people may complain that after a days wear, your lips feel dry and quite bluntly put, horrible. I have experienced this many times and learned to dodge certain brands, finishes and primers to achieve a much nicer looking and feeling finish – before, during and after application.

As mentioned in the above statement on how I apply my lipsticks, I use Avon’s Anew Lip Plumping Lip Conditioner before any lipstick application. It is designed to restore a youthful looking appearance and see plumper, fuller lips, with double the retinol to boost collagen renewal. The product has an impressive overall 4.5 * review from 204 people (as of 27.01.2016) – that’s got to be saying something!

It works like a lip balm, in a lipstick form, and believe me when I say you will notice a difference. The finish is quite glossy, so when applying  True Colour perfectly matte lipsticks, it will feel a dream! As if the velvet texture of the matte lipstick alone wasn’t enough, you’re getting pure hydration from the lip plumping conditioner too.

My make up routine will consist of applying the lip plumping lip conditioner 2 times per day: Before I apply my make up in the morning, and after I remove my make up in the evening.

Is this how you feel when you wear a matte lipstick? Then you need to try Avon's Perfectly Matte lipstick!

Is this how you feel when you wear a matte lipstick? Then you need to try Avon’s Perfectly Matte lipstick!

I ran another practice run today, instead I wore shade Wild Cherry. Today I did not put my usual Anew Lip Plumping Lip Conditioner on, on purpose to test the longevity .

My lips still feel very much hydrated, the current time is 3:52pm and I applied my lippy at around 8:30am. I have drank 3 cups of coffee, had breakfast, and a cookie – the colour is still on – in fact here’s a picture I have taken on my webcam as I type!

Wild Berry Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte lipstick, taken at 15:59PM - 7hr 30m wear approx.

Wild Berry Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte lipstick, taken at 15:59PM – 7hr 30m wear approx.


  1. First of all, the packaging of the lipsticks are actually to die for. They come in a smooth matte rectangular shaped stick, with a clear little window where you can see the lipstick on the lid. Adorable!
  2. They actually smell really, really good. I want to say they smell almost fruity! Unlike other lipsticks which can smell quite plasticy.
  3. As mentioned above, they are long wearing, and as shown in the picture the colours come out very clearly and well pigmented, so what you see is what you get with all shades.
  4. Absolutely no cracking or drying – it feels incredible!
  5. The application is very smooth unlike some other matte finish lipsticks. The feel is velvety and actually hydrating in my opinion.

MAC final comparison

Avon’s True Colour Perfectly Matte lipstick price: £5.50 (£8 full brochure price, £5.50 introductory)

MAC Matte lipsticks: £15.50

(Price wise alone, the lipstick is sold to me.)

Finally, the big statement. YES – Avon’s lipstick IS in fact MORE MATTE than MAC Cosmetics matte lipsticks!

Our matte lipstick was actually tested in a lab against MAC’s The Matte lipstick and it did indeed show that ours is more matte, but at the end of the day, you have to #MakeUpYourOwnMind if you agree!

What shade will you choose?


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