5 ways to earn from your free Avon products

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So, I am 99.9999% sure you have seen the FREE £300 kit advertised when people are looking for new Representatives to join their Avon team. I mean, it is a really awesome incentive and anyone would be silly not to go for it. But, what do you do with your free kit?

5 ways to earn from your free Avon products worth £300


1. Sell the products

This is quite an obvious way to make a few extra pounds straight away.  There’s a few ways to advertise the products you have for sale; Maybe open up an eBay account, set up a Facebook page and list items on there, or post via your customer page on social media? Your customers will be getting fantastic cheaper than cheap products, you’ll be making 100% profit on anything you sell, and your customers are going to stay with you because they know you are super generous! It’ll also prompt repeat purchases for full price items when they shop via your brochure next. This is especially a good idea for kit 3, fragrance and skincare. You receive our best selling fragrances and a few creams from our premium skincare range, Anew.

2. Customer hand outs

This is a really awesome way to gain customers AND gain sales. How does it work? I hear you ask. Well, it’s actually quite simple. You give one of your existing customers the ownership of 1 of your product packs for 48 – 72 hours. In return for them using your products for absolutely free, they must hand out a minimum of 3 brochures to potential customers (their friends and family)!

By using this method, your existing customer is definitely going to try something that they fall in love with and decide to buy. You are going to gain new customers, and whilst your existing customer is handing out those minimum of 3 brochures, she/he is most certainly going to rave to them about the use of their free product box and the amazing products they have tried! Did you know, Consumer reviews are significantly more trusted (nearly 12 times more) than descriptions that come from manufacturers?

3 avon product packs

3 avon product packs

3. Set incentives

Who doesn’t love a good incentive? Here’s a few you can use for your customers.

  • “Spend £20 or more and receive a free product!” This means £5 commission for yourself earned for every £20 order you collect, and then you can hand out one of the products you receive for free
  • You could say “for every £5 you spend is 1 entry to my free prize draw to win £70 worth of products!”
  • “Recommend a friend that orders and receive a free gift!” new repeat customer, new order

4. Keep the pack(s)!

Do you just really love Avon products and want to keep the products for yourself? Don’t worry, you can do that and not feel bad. Make money whilst YOU use the products! reviews produce an average 18% uplift in sales, so my advise to you is to review your products openly and honestly to anyone and everyone you can. I really enjoy livestreaming my product reviews and demonstrations, and I can really say it does work. Just be honest, friendly, and casual. 66% of beauty product buyers say YouTube influenced their purchases – so video blogging is totally the way forward!

You don’t have to be videoing yourself reviewing the products, though. Selfies are sufficient, blogging and just writing a general review is enough. Make sure you grab your potential customers attention – make use of colours, CAPITALS, rhetorical questions, the odd emoji and factual information included makes for a fantastic review. Try something like this:

Avon Product Review example on Facebook

Avon Product Review example on Facebook

5. Host an Avon Party

Parties are a fun way to make sales and to give your Avon business a real boost. A great way to do this is by holding an open house party, or a party online. They are an informal, fun way to get to know people and find new customers, plus it’s a great opportunity to increase your earnings – parties allow you to easily promote special offers and new products. Parties also enable customers to see and test the products – far better than relying on the images in the brochure.

Talk to them whilst they try the products from your free product packs, and play tutorials from the social media centre on your Avon website  in the background. When they like a particular product, suggest that they write it down on their order form so they don’t forget later.

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