Avon Leadership Champions Club

Hello lovely, LOVELY people. Really you are all lovely people lol.

How are you?

I’m hoping you said you’re good, because so am I. Actually, I am pretty damn great! (Always been a glass half full kinda girl)

Why? Why not I say! Business is flourishing, Representatives are loving their self employed status, their flexibility and fabulous earnings. Customers are loving our ever growing product range. What else could I possibly ask for?

I haven’t asked for anything, but Avon have given me something.

Avon Champions Club

Avon Champions Club

Avon Leadership Champions Club


Such a blinking amazing idea if you ask me! Basically, it is what it says on the tin. The champions of Leadership, AKA active sales leaders that hit Avon’s set out targets to achieve, Pioneer, Premier or Champion Level.

Me being me, I said “that’s it I am aiming for Champion!” and so I did. The targets for C16 – C1 2016/7 were:

Pioneer, 12 LOA 1′s

Premier, 24 LOA 1′s

Champion, 36 LOA 1′s

For those that may not be familiar with Avon lingo, LOA stands for Length of Association. A new Representatives LOA will kick start when they place their very first order with us, and from then on goes up each Campaign (every 3 weeks).

Did I smash it? You tell me!

Avon Leadership Champions Club

Avon Leadership Champions Club

I finished 8th in the country!!!!


I had 69 LOA 1′s between C16 and C1, which is almost double the target set. Little ol’ 19 year old me, how on earth did I manage it?

I worked for it (obviously). No really, I just stuck by my goal, figured out a plan. Worked the plan and landed it!

What was the reward?


So every level you crept up, you achieved more and more. Here is the table of recognition:

Avon Leadership Champions Club

Avon Leadership Champions Club

And I know it sounds super impressive, but trust me when I say Avon really do treat you. This table of contents was such an understatement for how awesome it really felt to be a Avon Champion.

Live streams from the Regional manager with superb recognition, a phone call from the Regional, and an invite to a networking lunch was absolutely amazing. Not to mention the venue was posh as anything! Best part is, anyone can get this from Premier Level up.

The icing on the cake was the networking event with our Director of Sales, Karla Kubikova. She is such a wonderful woman and really helping to make Avon an even better company (I didn’t know it was possible until Karla came along!). The table arrangements allowed the top performers in the UK to share a dinner table with her, so it was really great to be able to share ideas and talk to the Executive Director herself one on one about business and all the ideas we had for the business. Highest performing Champions Level achievers get this.

And can we just talk about the product packs please?! Woooowweeeee

£200 worth of products all for ME… AND a whole lipstick stand with every single shade of our most nourishing lipstick ever? Shook. Shook is all I can say. I did a livestream unboxing my gifts:

Again, Premier level and Champions receive a product pack – the only difference is, if you go up a level, the product pack doubles in value from £100 to £200!
So what are your thoughts on this? I know I am going to aim for this every single quarter. I am already well on my way for Q1 2017!

Would you like to aim for this? And remember, the more you recruit the more commission you earn. And the more people on your team, the higher your Fast Track BONUSES will be every three weeks. If this doesn’t sound like money money money money to you, then I don’t know what will – honestly, truly.

Let’s not forget… If someone like me can do it – what is stopping you?

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