Avon Elite dinner and Leadership Live 2015

Avon Elite Dinner and Leadership Live 2015

Hello, and welcome all new viewers of my blog! What a fantastic start to a new career. I have been with Avon just under 6 campaigns, and I have already had the pleasure of attending such amazing events. I met some amazing, inspirational men and women whilst away in Cheltenham for 2 days last week, and over the 6 campaign period I have been working alongside this company. Avon Elite dinner … [Read more...]

The Avon Diary continues!…

Avon coffee

Wait what's that? Is that the sound of Elizabeth Reynolds, international global universal super star, typing away her Sunday weekly blog? Well yes and no, yes I am typing but I am not quite an international global universal super star just yet. So welcome back everyone reading this!!!! :-) What have I been up to? I have had a super spectacular week, meeting new people and travelling, and … [Read more...]

Punzel’s Avon is back to business!

Final words of encouragement - Punzel's Avon x

Hello ladies and gentlemen! How do you do? I think I am on week 9 or 10, I seem to have lost count, especially after my manic past few weeks. So, I can't wait to tell you all about my manic few weeks anyway! Beware - it includes trips to Spain, Greece and Albania and decorating our new family home to say the very least. June 26th 2015 Hoorah, the day had finally come where my parents Gail … [Read more...]

My fourth week with Avon

"Make goals, organise your week, and stay focused!" Punzel's Avon

Hello :-) So another week has managed to fly by and as usual, I thought I would keep you posted on what I got up to! It is less than 2 weeks until I move house and it's less than 3 weeks until I go on holiday, so as you could imagine, there is a lot going on at the moment - not to mention starting up my own business. I can not wait until my family and I get settled in our new forever home … [Read more...]

My second week with Avon

Avon bossbabe comfort zone

Hello again lovely people, it's only me. Grab yourself a cup of coffee and come enjoy this blog post all about my second week with Avon! Just a recap on my first week with Avon, 12 people decided they wanted to earn some extra cash with the earnings opportunity I offered them (Avon, of course). My goal is to find 10 people like this every week, so far so good! What have I been up … [Read more...]

My first week with Avon

Avon iPhone 6 gold

Hi everybody! So, I haven't been too involved in social media this week, so you might be wondering how my week has gone seeing as of the 16th May I have become a self employed Avon Leader. Well - this blog is the answer! What have I been up to?   Okay so I have been juggling more than just work this week. I have been sorting out insurances, taxes, oh and mobile phones seeing as I … [Read more...]