2017 Avon office update

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Hello all :-) Just a quick one! (Lol - I have noticed I say that all the time then ramble on for aaaageeesss)   My New Avon Office I have pretty much always worked in my own space, and really like it when I can - sorry mom! As much as I loved working in the same office as you, I just know I am not as productive. Anway, my dad was the most awesomest person ever and BUILT me a … [Read more...]

New Year, Who Dis?


Ohhhhh my Goddddddd I don't even know where to start with this post but I am very excited to say the least! I should start off by saying Happy New Year to you and I hope you had an absolutely smashing Christmas and NYE. I had a lovely time relaxing and enjoying being surrounded by family, friends and food! 2016 was a year of "realizing things" for not only Kylie Jenner but me, too. It … [Read more...]

Avon Representatives wanted!


I am looking for ambitious, hard working women interested in earning money especially in time for this Christmas time. You do not need any qualifications to become an Avon Representative, however these traits are highly desirable and seen in our top performing business owners: Good social media presence, from Facebook to Instagram, Google+ to Twitter. We find people who share their new … [Read more...]

Why NOW is the best time to Join Avon


Maybe you have seen Avon adverts saying, "Join Avon today, start earning now" "Join Avon today, be your own boss" "Join Avon, free to try!" and you're a bit unsure as to what this means. And as much as all of those statements are well and true, let me tell you why it's more than what you already think. It could even be that you're torn between Avon and another direct selling, multi level … [Read more...]

Avon’s Young Entrepreneur: Libby Reynolds

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Hello everyone! And happy Leap Day. I hope each and every one of you had a great week last week, and you're getting set up and ready for another fantastic week ahead - I know I am!! As I know a lot of you follow me on social media, you probably noticed that I had been in the press twice in the same week. Absolutely mental. If not, I did a quick recap video, here it is: (If for some … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas PUNZELS STYLE!


Hello everybody! So with Christmas just around the corner, I thought it would be a perfect time for me to recap on my time with Avon so far and see where I have come. The ups, the downs, the gifts, the opportunities, and the people. I joined Avon in May 2015 (actually, 7 months today!) and it's honestly changed my life. I knew I was going to be an Avon Leader from at least aged 16, when my … [Read more...]