Avon Representatives wanted!


I am looking for ambitious, hard working women interested in earning money especially in time for this Christmas time. You do not need any qualifications to become an Avon Representative, however these traits are highly desirable and seen in our top performing business owners: Good social media presence, from Facebook to Instagram, Google+ to Twitter. We find people who share their new … [Read more...]

Why NOW is the best time to Join Avon


Maybe you have seen Avon adverts saying, "Join Avon today, start earning now" "Join Avon today, be your own boss" "Join Avon, free to try!" and you're a bit unsure as to what this means. And as much as all of those statements are well and true, let me tell you why it's more than what you already think. It could even be that you're torn between Avon and another direct selling, multi level … [Read more...]

Avon Elite dinner and Leadership Live 2015

Avon Elite Dinner and Leadership Live 2015

Hello, and welcome all new viewers of my blog! What a fantastic start to a new career. I have been with Avon just under 6 campaigns, and I have already had the pleasure of attending such amazing events. I met some amazing, inspirational men and women whilst away in Cheltenham for 2 days last week, and over the 6 campaign period I have been working alongside this company. Avon Elite dinner … [Read more...]