Career change and fear

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Shockingly, around 70% of the UK population do not like their job. Even more shocking, worldwide only 13% of people like their job. This is a huge amount of people that do not like their jobs and I feel like these figures are bad - let's show people career change is possible. I have 1 question for the majority of people who dislike what they do for a living: why? I think I have put my … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas PUNZELS STYLE!


Hello everybody! So with Christmas just around the corner, I thought it would be a perfect time for me to recap on my time with Avon so far and see where I have come. The ups, the downs, the gifts, the opportunities, and the people. I joined Avon in May 2015 (actually, 7 months today!) and it's honestly changed my life. I knew I was going to be an Avon Leader from at least aged 16, when my … [Read more...]

DSA Stars of Direct Selling awards 2015!

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Good evening every one, long time no speak. One has been extremely busy this time of year, and as much as I would love to sit with a coffee and write a blog, sometimes it can be hard to find the time. But hoorah - I have found some time, and of course coffee!!! DSA awards 2015 nomination For those who are unsure what it is I am talking about, Direct selling has been a popular method of retailing … [Read more...]

Avon Elite dinner and Leadership Live 2015

Avon Elite Dinner and Leadership Live 2015

Hello, and welcome all new viewers of my blog! What a fantastic start to a new career. I have been with Avon just under 6 campaigns, and I have already had the pleasure of attending such amazing events. I met some amazing, inspirational men and women whilst away in Cheltenham for 2 days last week, and over the 6 campaign period I have been working alongside this company. Avon Elite dinner … [Read more...]

Punzel’s honesty hour

Punzel's honesty hour: Change is good!

Hello every body, long time no speak! I realise I haven't been doing my Sunday blog "My ____ week with Avon", every week. And for that I feel as though I need to sincerely apologise to anyone who enjoyed reading them! So it got me thinking, I really should explain myself and be as honest as possible with you guys, as that is the aim of this blog altogether. I thought the title "Punzel's … [Read more...]

Avon goal setting… And achieving!

Avon Goal Setting, and achieving! Done Punzel's style.

Hello again lovely people I hope all is well, I thought I would update you all via blog post of my latest achievement, and how I made it possible. To put it short and sweet - AVON made it possible! Watch my latest video to find out my achievement and what I have been up to (basically this blog post): There you have it! :-) I aim high for the simple reason that I believe what you … [Read more...]