30 Benefits of joining Avon

Wow – where do I start?!

Self employment


This is by far my favourite from this list about the benefits of joining Avon. Being self employed allows me to do the simple things, like wear my slippers in the office, make a cup of tea whenever I like, and most importantly – being there for my family whenever they need me.

Here are some obvious benefits on self employment:

1. The freedom to fit work around your family life

2. Being your own boss

3. You enjoy variety everyday

4. Your work area is truly yours!

5. No uniforms

6. You set your own schedule

7. Work as little or as much as you like

"In business for yourself, not by yourself"

“In business for yourself, not by yourself”

As the quote states above, you will be in business “for yourself”, not “by yourself”!

8. You will receive full training

9. You will have constant support from the Punzel’s party!

10. I will guide you to achieve what exactly it is that you want – you will not be left alone

11. 24 hour 7 days a week training available online

12. Helplines and contact details will be given to you if ever you get stuck

13. Regular contact via newsletters, texts, and face to face

Avon is unique


Avon began in 1886 – that’s 129 years ago! It is one of the largest Direct Selling companies in the whole world, to say the least.

14. Did you know, 4 Avon lipsticks are sold every second around the world?

15. Avon is a household name!

16. The products are extremely good value

17. Avon offers something for everyone, aged 1 – 101!

18. The company is known worldwide, offering products to over 100 countries as of 2014.

 It works!


I can hand on heart say working for Avon can work for anybody.

19. Unlimited earnings opportunity

20. Look forward to holidays, cars and prize incentives!

In case that’s not enough…

21. Meet new people and make new friends

22. Join a large community of 6.5 million Avon Representatives worldwide!

23. Cash in hand

24. Work around your current commitments

25. Fantastic opportunities available for students, parents or workers

26. Sell products online with your own personal brochure

27. Exclusive brochure given to Representative’s and Leaders only with new products and fantastic deals

28. No experience needed!

29.  Avon Breast Cancer Crusade has raised more than £16 million in the UK alone

Last but not least:


30. Avon is FREE to try.

That’s right – if you feel like these benefits aren’t quite enough or right for you, then there is no problem. You tried your best and it didn’t work – nothing needs to come out of your purse. :-)

Interested in joining us? Fabulous! Simply click here.