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Hello everyone! And happy Leap Day.

I hope each and every one of you had a great week last week, and you’re getting set up and ready for another fantastic week ahead – I know I am!!

As I know a lot of you follow me on social media, you probably noticed that I had been in the press twice in the same week. Absolutely mental. If not, I did a quick recap video, here it is:

Click on the image to be directed to the video!

Click on the image to be directed to the video!

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The Dorset Echo

So I was in the Dorset Echo again last Monday, this time on my “top tips for biz success“. How exciting! This particular article is one of my favourites. I have linked the actual article in, but here are the highlights:

The teenager said she was determined to be a self-employed businesswoman before leaving school and set up Punzel’s, her own independent Avon Leadership business.

Her business has been an immediate success, which has seen her recognised at two national events in six months of operating, with the Direct Selling Awards coming on the back of recognition at Avon’s Leadership Live awards.

Now Libby is offering her top tips to help others.

Libby said: “Be confident. It can get you a lot of places. It may be gaining the confidence to do something small to start with, but once you have done it, you appear to be confident to others which can gain you more customers, sales, and build your reputation of knowing your stuff.

“Don’t let negativity get you down. If someone says no to you, the last thing you want to do is take it personally.

“In order to grow, taking risks is essential.

“Set yourself short and long term goals to keep the motivation going; good timescales to consider are six months, one year, three years, and the ultimate dream.

“Don’t procrastinate. Time is money.

Plan ahead. Bad time management is a reason for lack of productivity. “Don’t feel the need to follow the crowd.

“Do network and meet new people like you.

“Everything you set out for yourself will happen if you focus all your energy on it. Whether it’s a good car parking space or building a multi-million pound empire.

“And finally, don’t give up. This sounds so cliché but it’s so true.”

I thought that you guys might be interested in just a little bit more than that. So here is another blog I have wrote just for you guys with business advice, including my top 10 do’s and don’ts (the original part of my Dorset Echo article), and even some advice for any teens in school. 

BBC Radio Solent

This was my first ever radio interview, and I was soooo excited!! My interview was at 7:53am, and would you find it weird if I told you I had already drank 3 coffees by then?

Anyway, I was on the radio talking about being a Young Entrepreneur, and all things business. If you didn’t catch it, no problem. I managed to secure a great recording and it’s on my YouTube channel, here it is!

So there we have it! A week in the press with Avon’s Young Entrepreneur… Me! Haha. I am still amazed. I have loved every second of it, and can’t wait for the next time it comes about.

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