Why NOW is the best time to Join Avon

Maybe you have seen Avon adverts saying, “Join Avon today, start earning now” “Join Avon today, be your own boss” “Join Avon, free to try!” and you’re a bit unsure as to what this means.
And as much as all of those statements are well and true, let me tell you why it’s more than what you already think.

It could even be that you’re torn between Avon and another direct selling, multi level networking company. Let me show you why Avon is better:

  • 130 years in business. People know who we are. 99.9999% of the time, you will never have to explain what Avon is to anyone. Their nan used to do it, their best friend does it, they sell it down the slimming world group, I love the Skin So Soft products. This makes us a reliable, strong company with millions of customers lined up from the get go. They just want you to deliver a brochure.
  • Affordable. Without throwing shade, it has to be said our products are up there with possibly the best quality at such reasonable prices. I mean, what other companies do you know like ours that can actually say our matte range lipsticks are literally more matte than MAC cosmetics?! And they are at least 50% cheaper!
  • Free advertising. Want to do national advertising but don’t quite have the budget? Avon have TV adverts. YouTube adverts. Facebook adverts. Magazine adverts. Newspaper adverts. You can use these to your fullest advantage… With no cost to you! Avon is soooo generous they let you advertise their adverts for absolutely free. Amazing!
  • No cash outlay. Personally, I think if you want to make money, it shouldn’t come with a price tag. Compare this to other MLM and Direct Selling companies, and I know their are start up fees. Not us! We want to help you on your Avon journey and give you the best possible start to earning straight away. By telling you it’s free to try with no upfront costs, and nothing to pay until you physically have your pay cheque in your hand, it really is a no brainer.
  • Free business starter kit.* Again, this is absolutely ESSENTIAL to your new business. Following on from the point above, you don’t pay a penny. If it doesn’t work out for you for whatever reason, at least you haven’t paid for excess stock upfront or paid to open your account. No ties, no contracts, no orders placed, no fee.

That’s the basic pointers. Here’s a limited edition offer for you though. How would you like £300 worth of free products, given to you, for just… Doing what you intended to do, making money with Avon?

£300 worth of Avon FREE

£300 worth of Avon FREE

No matter who you join with Avon, this will be applicable for you to achieve. And it really is achievable.

Even more pro’s to join Avon:

This is exclusive to Punzel’s team only.

  • Unlimited support online & offline
  • *Free business starter kit including exclusive resources and additional business builders
  • Membership to VIP groups of people in business like yourself to network, share and gain knowledge and expand your business
  • Becoming apart of an award winning team. Find out more about me here
  • Also becoming part of 1 of the biggest and most successful Avon networks in the country
  • Exclusive incentives
  • Tailored plan to action for you & your goals

Want to give it a go? Excellent! Here’s the application form to join Avon (Punzel’s team of course!), and as soon as that’s done we can have you earning money within a matter of minutes.

Still not sure? I would love to answer any questions you have and help. Contact me direct – 07496160737 – email me: libby@punzels.co.uk – or simply add me on Facebook, click here.

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