2017 Avon office update

Hello all :-)

Just a quick one!

(Lol – I have noticed I say that all the time then ramble on for aaaageeesss)


My New Avon Office

I have pretty much always worked in my own space, and really like it when I can – sorry mom! As much as I loved working in the same office as you, I just know I am not as productive.

Anway, my dad was the most awesomest person ever and BUILT me a desk. To be fair, I think it’s safe to say my dad is the best, when I was younger he built me a bunk bed and I also remember I begged and begged for an artist easel when I was like 7 and dad made me one of those too!

My bedroom vibes are black, grey, white and just diamantes. I have mirrored and white furniture, so when my new wardrobe went up my dad built the desk off the wardrobe and it slotted in the gap left and I luuuurv it so much!

Far away Avon office perspective

So this is what it looks from when you walk into my room! It’s all matching with white and black, so I love it. Plus the chair literally just fits under the desk which is a massive space saver – and it wasn’t even calculated ┬áto do that because we forgot but I am soooo grateful it fits!

laptop area

I don’t have any drawers with this desk so I tried to keep it to a minimal, the paper tray has all my work in and my Louis Vuitton diary, and then to the left of me is my notebooks that I am constantly writing in. I also made the desicion to only have pink purple and blue pens in my pen pot to avoid too much colour!

top shelf

Here is the top shelf, with my glasses, awards, and smellys. As I am writing this I am still obsessing over the smell of our new Peaches and Cream diffuser and candle! It is the nicest smell EVER, and the packaging for the products fit perfectly into my office aesthetic.

peaches and cream

Close up of my awards and that ┬ábeautiful diffuser. It’s going to last me up to 5 weeks! 5 Weeks of heaven in a bottle.

dream board

Close up of my updated vision board. If you had seen my other board, it was just a general vision and goal board whereas this updated one is personalised to this year only. I think this is a much better way to keep me focused rather than a goal that is literally 12 years away from me achieving.

avon products

If you can’t remember, my business is called Punzel’s because of my obsession with Rapunzel and how she is pretty much the Disney Princess version of me. So of course I have this cute statue of her! And it looks sooo good next to my Peaches and Cream candle – which is again going to last me forever (30 hours!). And even the notebook is a new Avon additon. I can’t get enough of the pinterest-esque style Avon is pulling off so well.

Available in campaign 5 under “home & gifts” via www.punzelsproducts.co.uk

Diffusers and candles include salted caramel and lavender in the new range as well as peaches & cream.

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